Mr. Reginald Bennett

Welcome to our class page and thank you for visiting! I have the privilege of teaching music to a wonderful group of talented and unique students. My class is designed with the goal of providing a modified, multi-sensory, interdisciplinary educational program whereby all students are empowered to reach their individual potential, respect and value themselves and others, become life learners, and become productive for themselves, their families, their community and society. To achieve this goal, I teach my students skills (organizing, solving, explaining, etc.) through music making and listening activities that will transfer to other important areas of their lives. I believe music education can be a foundational component of a student's personal development regardless of age, prior experience, or ability. A sound music education can become the path to self acceptance and self expression that forever changes lives.

This page is dedicated to providing a platform for highlighting, sharing and celebrating student work. Our goal is to cultivate the creative and artistic lives of the students we teach, and by doing so, helping them to honor their value as developing young artists and musicians. A class syllabus, teacher blog, and performance calendar will be available soon, as will notable test and quiz dates to keep you informed of your child's classroom experiences and obvjectives. Thank you for entrusting your child with our music program. We appreciate your ongoing support. I can be reached at or 914-686-8159 x1026. 

Reggie Bennett