College Planning

Accredited Online Schools & Colleges of New York:
Directory of Online Colleges and Universities in New York.

Accredited Online Colleges in the U.S.:
Directory of Online College and Universities throughout the United States.

Assisting Students with Disabilities in Preparing for College:
A printable resource to help your child prepare for college.

College Click TV:
An informational and entertaining resource for those who are entering or are in college.

College Navigator:
Will help guide you in locating the perfect college to meet your needs.

College Week Live:
Sign up to College Week Live; live chat with hundreds of Colleges & Universities

College Resources for Students with Disabilities:
This guide explains your legal rights as a student with disabilities, both physical and learning disabilities, and the campus resources that can provide you with assistive services and tools.

Going to College:
A resource for teens with disabilities

Encourages young people, primarily those in 8th through 10th grade, to prepare for college using four simple steps.

Rutgers Online:
College Resources for Students with Disabilities