Concussion Management Protocol

A player should never return to play while symptomatic. When an athlete shows ANY symptoms or signs of a concussion:

1. The player will not be allowed to return to play in the current game or practice.

2. The player will not be left alone, and regular monitoring for deterioration is essential over the initial few hours following injury. Once the athlete is released to the parent following a contest or practice, it becomes the responsibility of the parent/guardian to monitor the athlete.

3. The player should be medically evaluated following the injury.

4. Return to play must follow a medically supervised step-by ­step plan currently recommended by NYSPHSAA. 

5. The athlete must be picked up by parent/guardian.

6. A follow-­up call will be made by the medical staff or person that cared for the athlete to check on the status of the athlete.

7. The incident must be reported to the nurse’s Office and an accident report must be filled out.

The concussion management/return to play protocol will be followed for returning an athlete to play after a concussion, despite the athlete presenting a prescription note to return to play sooner from their primary care physician or emergency room physician. If an athlete presents a prescription from their primary care physician they will be started on the appropriate level of their turn to play protocol. 

Prior to returning to play, the athlete is required to have the Return to Play Form signed by the following: Primary Physician, School Physician, School Nurse and Athletic Director.