CTEThe REACH CTE was developed to prepare students for a variety of post-secondary placements that include vocational training programs, supported employment, competitive employment and/or college. The following career sectors that student may receive training are horticulture, retail, customer service and grounds and building maintenance. In addition to receiving training in the aforementioned areas on campus, training also takes place in the community. Observations, job shadowing, volunteering, internships and paid employment are part of the curriculum.

Another strength of REACH is the coordinated transition process with the school and agency staff in conjunction with state agencies that include VESID, OMRDD, OMH and Independent Living Center (ILC) along with local community agencies to identify and facilitate a post-secondary placement. Opportunities for housing, transportation and health benefits are also addressed as part of the transition process. Specific transition plans are developed for students based on their strengths and needs and their eligibility status.